Monday, August 10, 2009


wassup everyone?...well me im gud as kinda excited cuz im goin 2 NEW YORK this friday..its gonna b krazy..jus hitten up harlem nd manhattan..i cant wait..u kno i gotta hit FLIGHT 1 of fav sneaker stores..but yea jus been workin..dancin..same ol' same ol'..umm yea im still workin on my line nd everything..shirts should b printed imma stay on top of kinda upset that skool is like right around tha jus want tha summer 2 last forever..but i kno this year will go by sooooooo gonna b a i have alot 2 do..but im not tryna think about it..still tryna b tha BIG KID that shoppin???..of course i did that..i recently went 2 urban outfitters nd got a FEW things..also hit up VANS nd got a couple pairs of acid wash skinnies..i luv yea everything is goin well..i hope tha same 4 all of u..soo imma hit yall up later..b kool..nd keep enjoyin ya gone.