Wednesday, August 19, 2009


hey wassup ppl...i kno i havent posted anything in a HOT MINUTE..but i have a great excuse..u wanna hear it?????....................IVE BEEN SUPER nd travelin has been soo stressful..but also fun at tha same time..i jus recently went 2 was sooo krazy out there..i luved every second of it..u kno i went shoppin picked up sum sbs nd sum shirts..nothin that major but i still enjoyed goin bac in about a week..MANHATTAN here i come..its gonna b in luv wit NEW YORK..i dont kno wat it is about it..i guess that everything is soo fast..nd everyone is doin their own thing..that makes me want 2 b apart of that..but i'll decide if i actually wanna stay there when i pick my college..umm anything else that i should mention????..oo yea my line MIGHT b in a PHILADELPHIA fashion show..i kno thats krazy rite?? i was talkin to sum of my graphic designers nd marketers..they were talkin about puttin sum pieces in this up nd comin fall/winter fashion show..which means i have 2 step up my designs a lil more for the would b soo DOPE if this all falls in tha way that i want it 2..its gonna b soo many ppl at this fashion show it would get me great publicity..sooo im jus super excited about that..also i get paid this savin sum of it cuz im goin 2 OCEAN CITY MARYLAND next weekend..nd u kno im doin MAJOR shoppin..but thats jus i guess thats it 4 rite now..imma try 2 go harder at this bloggin thing..cuz i fell off for a quick minute..but dont wrry imma b on here..ok so enjoy ya last week nd a half of summer...cuz its ALMOST OVER...hahahaha..peace.


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