Friday, August 7, 2009

Nike Air Structure Triax.

i luv this sneaker..sum ppl say its 2 hard 2 put an outfit 2gether for this sneak..but i jus think ppl arent long as u kno how 2 rock them u gud 2 go..i jus got mine..


  1. Honestly i think these are some of the sickest nikes out there!
    Bright kicks are always the way to go :D
    btw follow my blog :)

  2. Hmmm all you need is a nice fit levi.
    A white v-neck && like some pink diamond earings.

    See the problem is ppl tryna over do it.
    && match down to every color.
    The shoe does enough.

    Just coordinate.&& you got it done.

    Feel me.

  3. couldn't you rock em with any color? i would.

  4. i would defly by those.. follow my blog at

  5. You have nice choice.!! I too love Nike Air Structure Triax. Those are super cute.