Tuesday, July 7, 2009


i admire PHARRELL WILLIAMS sooo much everything that hes about..his music is incredible and his fashion sense is soo DOPE..i luv BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB CLOTHING/ICE CREAM..its so creative in its own way that makes ppl wanna buy it and cherish it..lol..hes inspired me 2 look at fashion in a different way..not jus about tha clothes..but how u wear it and wat makes u want 2 stand out..hes made me want 2 start my own clothing line called ????(cant tell rite now..lol)..but i want it 2 b soo DDDOOPPPEEE that everyone wants 2 buy it..maybe me nd Pharrell can collab..i want him 2 b my mentor..soo bad..i think Pharrell expresses a very gud quality of style that every one can c rite off tha back when u look at him or meet him..i jus wish that one day i can b as successful as him and b at tha top of fashion game..

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  1. Pharrell my idol too..

    You got a dope blog..im following it

    check mine out..32rivers.blogspot.com