Thursday, July 16, 2009


wassup i jus ordered sum sun glasses..nd a "LOUIE VUITTON" key and change holder..that jawn is soooooooooo anyway im thinkin about gettin a laptop..APPLE of course..cuz im tryna iChat wit my tha new MACBOOK PRO 13" really feelin that one..cuz its small and very convenient..nd i can handle meetings and business affairs on naw..but yea im definitly in tha process of tryna get that..umm other than that my mom is still askin me where im tryna go 4 my high skool like mom its not until next im still tryna go 2 tha "HAMPTONS"..but idk yet im tryna figure out my thoughts on that..ummm yea still talkin 2 sum clothin designers..nd gettin their feed back on me startin my line up..i got alot of positive take on it..sooo im really excited about that..yea still doin this dance thing..cuz thats my life..practicin everywhere..everytime u c me..i got my headphones on nd crazy..but thats jus me..sooo yea im feelin this blog thing as you can tell..nd imma do my best on keepin yall posted on everything that im in hit me up..ard..peace.


  1. Hey i followed you.
    Please follow back.

  2. Nice,
    The Macbook pro 13 is the shit i bought one and dang i like it.

  3. Im definitly makin more shirts the 1st week of august. the asian girl with the gun. i gotchu. n i made a tutin vid for my blog i jus gota put it up. where u from?