Thursday, July 23, 2009


wwwwaaaaaaassssssuuuuuuppppppp pppppllllll???? well bac at this again..jus checkin in wit everyone..umm i have to say there is a huge smile on my face right now..u wanna kno???..well cuz i jus spoke 2 a graphic designer about my line and i must say everything is a "GO" he thinks my designs nd ideas r in tha process of getting my high quality t-shirts when that happens i will b ready 2 get them printed and know its gonna b alot of work tryna get ppl 2 take interest in your work..but iam definitly in this for tha long run..its like my dream is happenin right b4 my eyes..also there will b a VIDEO made this weekend nd posted..i really mean serious..a lil bit of everything will b talked about in tha plz look out 4 that..umm jus recently went shoppin..picked up sum sun glasses(cant have enough of those)..nd sum sneaks(nike sb's of course)..soo yea everything has been goin great..i have 2 go 2 work 2morrow..nd get tha gud ol' lookin forward 2 i jus wanna say keep supportin me(followin)..I REALLY APPRECIATED IT..i swear like everytime i come on my blog tha number of ppl go up like 2-4..its krazy..but jus keep enjoyin ya summer..nd peace.


  1. Amazing! Can't wait to see the video!

  2. Yo i think its cool that u starting your own line, i have aspirations of doing the same u should email me @ i kinda have some questions if u dont mind