Sunday, July 19, 2009


hey ppl..i hope everything is goin well wit u..cuz wit me everything is in tha process of ordering tha DEE&RICKY lego heart brooch..that jawn is soo DOPE..tha 1 im bout 2 get cost $75..but i'll prolli get 2 cuz thats not alot..soooo has been goin gud nothin major though..jus always lookin forward 2 that gud ol' pay still sketchin my designs out..these things r crazy about 2 get them printed soon..i cant wait..imma sell them prolli online..but mainly imma shop them around 2 local stores 2 c if i can sell them in there as well..bbbbuuuuuttttt other than that nothins really been goin yea imma b recordin this weekend so i'll prolli post my vids up on sunday or sumthin..its crazy that i've only been on this bloggin thing 4 like a week and already over 100 followers..thank u 2 all that keep commentin and subscribin i really appreciated..keep doin wat u do..and ooo yea ppl have been askin 4 a dancin i gotta give tha ppl wat they thats gonna b comin hopefully this weekend as keep enjoyin ya summer..cuz im definitly enjoyin easy..peace.


  1. Hey girl...I'm lovin your blog and can't wait to see the vids that you're gonna post soon:)

    Please check out my blog when you get the chance (I closed my old one out and started a new one)

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