Wednesday, July 8, 2009


sooo wassup wit yall??? im super tired rite now..its like 3:00 in tha mornin nd im jus writin cuz im bored nd its nothin else 2 do at this my day was gud jus chilled nd went 2 work..nothin major happened..umm im definitly goin shoppin on i'll prolli put sum reviews on sum pieces i got..or post pictures nd tell u about sum DOPE clothes i im in tha process of gettin my clothin line started..jus t-shirts rite now..but i have plans 4 varsity jackets nd definitly b on tha lookout 4 that..i'll keep yall posted..soo?? i guess thats it 2day..i'll hit yall up wit sum more info sooner than later..peace.


  1. Woah, you're a night animal! You never sleep, don't you?? eheh! At what time did you wake uo to go to work this morning?! o_O'
    Well, I'll be waiting for your new clothes' pictures, so. I'm going to do some shopping on friday as well (sales, I must take advantage of that U_U), after work.

  2. lol..umm i work up around 9am to go 2 about 2 post sum pics rite cmmnt them..thanks.