Friday, July 31, 2009


wat up..well me?? jus crazy tired rite now..i was jus about 2 go 2 bed..then i realized that i havent posted anything 4 a couple of im like let me do now im tyin away tryna make up 4 lost yea i was recently jus chillen up in ALLENTOWN,PA..i got my 1st tat up there..its small jus 3 stars on my lower belly..i'll put a pic up soon..yea b4 i went up there i went shoppin at tha GUCCI BOUTIQUE in Jersey..yea i picked up a few things..nothin major jus a another key and change holder..that was like $250.00(not expensive)..yea umm in a couple of weeks im headin up 2 NEW YORK really excited jus 2 go shoppin..i kno imma blow my money..but its kool thats wat its yea u kno i definitly gotta hit up FLIGHT CLUB..i have 2 at least get like 3 pairs of SBS..i havent been 2 NYC in it will b gud 2 visit again..maybe dance a lil bit while im up there..also i might bring tha camera and make a vid while im shoppin or sumthin(u never b easy..nd KEEP enjoyin ya summer cuz it will b over b4 u kno it..iight peace.